Monday, November 17, 2008

I am Awesome - No Matter What You Say

Blaze and I chaperoned Semi-Formal this weekend, and I would like to note several things of interest:
1) Blaze and I are bad-asses!
2) I am a chaperon, not retarded - I know the difference between not feeling good, sober, and drunk. I have been all 3 and have learned to spot the difference.
3) Dante the security guard is also awesome. I feel he should be my personal security guard. No one talks to me with out first clearing it through Dante.
4) Prom shoes from the 90s are inappropriate. Basically, most everything from the 90s is inappropriate. And there were some sisters failing sisters who should have spotted the 90s shoes and said "here honey, these will work better."
4) Please learn to dress for you body type and size. If you question it, ask. And if someone, especially a sister asks you, be honest. You look just as stupid for letting your friend go out dressed the fool as she does dressed the fool.
5) Remember the bridesmaids dress I wore in Blazes wedding? Well one of the "sober, not feeling well" girls WORE IT!! Same color and everything! Only this had a layer of toile underneath and peaking out. Thanks Blaze for not making us wear that option!
All and all, it was fun. I realize I am old, but still spectacular.

Also in exciting Rachel news - Matt and I bought our Christmas present early and brought our new Wii home yesterday. I am not very good yet, but have no fears that I will be practicing lots. I do however, kick Wii Bowling's ass!

In other news, my sad pink razor took a beer bath at Tiny's this weekend and is in a sad state. She seems to have mostly recovered. Saturday she was having issues dialing 3,4, and the volume button while I tried to do anything. That seems to be fixed, but I can still no longer use the 9 button. So if your number includes the number 9 and I dont have it programed in my phone, I will not be calling you. Sorry. It also affects my text messages, so if you get a weird word, add the letters that are on the 9 button and see if it makes sense. I may be getting a blackberry or iphone for x-mas. Any suggestions?


Duane Fernandez said...

Sucks about your phone... Who is your service with? I have some decent phones to get you through til you get a new phone....
NICE BLOG BTW.... Keep this sh*t up dude....

Every time you said "sister" I was imagining a "sista."

Finally, I want to chaperon one of those events! That's awesome.....

blaze said...

1. I'm still getting a Wii even though you bought one before me.

2. I inappropriately laughed out loud at the bridesmaid dress again.

3. I got to handle said "issues" last night. That was hilarious!

4. There were several fashion diasters Sat. I believe a fashion show is in order.

THE Rachel Adams said...

I intend for you to get one still. Matt and I agreed not to get super competitive with each other... Our plan is to dominate you and Dave at Game Night... Home Team vs. Away Team. I am pretty sure we will dominate.

I want details of the meeting! Confidentially, of course!

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